R. Becket Ebitz

Research Scientist
University of Minnesota
rebitz at gmail dot com


You may be looking for my CV. Or maybe some information about who I am and what kinds of problems I work on. Here's what I've been up to lately:


Looking forward to SfN this year, where I'll be co-chairing a nano session on decision-making with the excellent Kim Stachenfeld. Come find us Sunday morning to hear some cool new stories about exploratory decision-making, including stuff from Kim and myself, but also Bob Wilson, Vinnie Costa, Matt Leavitt, Matt Nassar, Sid Joshi and Alice Dallstream from Josh Gold's lab, and Bilal Bari from Jeremiah Cohen's lab.


Thanks to the Brain and Behavior Foundation for a 2018 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant!


Now up as a preprint: a unified cause of spontaneous lapses and flexibility in a changing environment. Check it out on bioRxiv or in this pdf.


Decision-making dynamics are disrupted during exploration and reward learning is enhanced. We think we're looking at an indeterminate, highly plastic brain state that is ideally suited for discovery. Out now in Neuron or in this pdf.

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